Dan Bucsescu            Architect +Professor
13 Hamilton Ave, Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706
                                                      Tel: 914 6561459           Email: Vico65@aol.com



1975-76                        Master of Science, Environmental Psychology 
                                    University of Surrey, Guilford, Surrey, England

1966-71                         Bachelor of Architecture
The City College of New York, School of Architecture

1963-65                         Institute of Architecture "Ion Mincu", Bucharest, Romania

Registration: New York

Awards & Honors:

                                    1977 NIAE Hirons Award Conversion of St. Anne's Church, 
                                    Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Personal Biography

Dan Bucsescu, architect and educator has been in private practice in New York since 1978. He studied architecture at the Institute of Architecture "Ion Mincu", in Bucharest, Romania, holds a B. Arch in The City College of New York and received a Master of Science, Architectural Psychology, University of Surrey, Guilford, Surrey, England 1976. Professor Bucsescu has been teaching at Pratt Institute since 1980. He has lectured and written about architectural education with a focus on grounding the pedagogical experience in theories of knowledge and philosophy of art.Please visit:  www.bucsescu.com,    www.pratt.edu


Teaching History

1980 to present Pratt Institute School of Architecture


Courses taught

                                    5th Year Degree Project

                                    Advanced Design Studio, 4th

                                    First-Year Design, 101 -1 02

                                    Advanced Theory Elective –543P Architectural Creativity

                                    First Year Media drawing and Model making      

1992-2004                     Director  International Summer Seminar for Architecture

                                    Responsible for generation of seminar theme and project,

                                     overall program administration, student recruitment, program

                                     poster design, and budget.


Research, Lectures and Conferences:


September 2011            Lecture at the Interior Design department of Virginia
                                    Commonwealth University in Doha, Qatar,
                                   ‘Looking Beyond the Structure: Critical Thinking for Designers
                                    and Architects’


September 2011            Lecture at Central Academy of Art (CAFA), 
                                    School of Architecture,   Beijing,China


August 2011                  Keynote Speaker at the 4th ICMEM International 
                                    Conference Centre of Suzhou
. It was organized by Nanjing
                                    University of Science and Technology allied with Virginia
                                    Polytech University,Purdue University,Coventry University,(UK)


December 2010             MIT Just Jerusalem Competition Visions | Jerusalem 2050.       
                                    A Temple and a Bridge. Dan Bucsescu and Eunice Figueiredo.



May 2010                      Visiting Professor at Nanjing University of Science and
 Appointed Visiting Professor to teach in 2011

December 2009         Dobbs Ferry Fairytales: Visions for the Dobbs Ferry
                                Waterfront sponsored by Rivertowns Arts Council                           

2006                         Moderated a panel discussion under the title 
                                “The Production of Images” at ACSA
                                 Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

2003                         Published “Architecture: The Question of Memory
                                Pratt Institute

2002                         Organized Conference on the 
                                World Trade Center Memorial Design
Pratt International summer program on Architecture 
                                and Urban Design

1999/2000                 McGill University; Invited External Reviewer of
                                Master Thesis in Architectural Theory 99


August 1999               Appointed to the Board of Directors
                                 Governors Island Development Corporation


February 25,1999       Guest on “On The Line”  
National Public Radio with Brian Lehrer

                                Subject: Architecture and Professional Ethics

1998                          He was appointed to the  Architectural Advisory Group of
                                 The Brooklyn Arts Council. 

June 1997                  Visiting Distinguished Professor Design Studio
                                 INHA University 1997  
                                 International Workshop on Architecture
                                 Inchon, South Korea      


1996                          Launched internet course  Architectural Creativity
                                 undergraduate and graduate elective
                                 S C U P   L I N K Research about Time, Space and Causality"  


1992                          Dan Bucsescu was the Faculty Advisor for the
                                 3rd Pratt Journal "On Making"


1992                          He was appointed Director of the  International Summer
for Architecture and Urban Design.


1991                          Organized and moderated a Symposium
“Between Digital Seduction and Salvation”



November 2009          Textbook published by Fairchild Books,
                                 a divison of Conde Nest

Looking Beyond the Structure: Critical Thinking for Architects and Designers’

In this introduction to thinking philosophically about design, architect Dan Bucsescu and philosopher Michael Eng record their conversations about the relationship of the built environment and other forms of design to the culture in which they are created. The authors exchange their interpretations of selected readings about design theory and invite the reader to join in.  Through a series of primary and secondary reading selections written by important architects, critics, and thinkers, students are introduced to paradigms and models for interpreting the built environment and encouraged to think on their own about their designs for the built environment. Questions following each chapter’s reading stimulate critical thinking about philosophies and theories of design, and additional assignments encourage students and designers to express their critical skills visually as well as verbally.


Readings and subsequent “Dialogues,” or exchange of ideas and stories, encourage design considerations and facilitate holistic thinking in the design process.


FEATURES uses on skills such as critical thinking and problem solving
Selected readings appropriate for all levels - from foundation to advanced courses
Weekly assignments consisting of short written responses to the readings and class  “Dialogues”
Instructor’s Guide includes suggestions for additional practice-based and research-based assignments


May 1997           Architectural criticism article published in Korean Architects,  
                        “A House in Seoul and the Universe: Architect Halim Shu”

Academic and Public Service

June-Nov 1998    Developed, organized, administered the jury for the  Brooklyn
                         Arts Council Competition
for the design of Camden Plaza War
                         Memorial Art Exhibition System. The competition was sponsored 
                         by Brooklyn Chapter of the AIA. Appointed to the Architectural Advisory
                         Group of Brooklyn Arts Council


Academic Administration

1998-2000                     Undergraduate Thesis coordinator

1994-1997                     Chair of Curriculum Committee

1992-95                         Coordinator of First-Year Design

1994                             Fulbright proposal review committee

1992-93                         Governance Committee

Service to Pratt Institute

1999                             Appointed to the Institute Distance Learning Committee

1994                             Served on the Provost Search Committee

1992-93                         Pratt Institute Board of Trustees

1992-94                         Committee on Finance-attended Institute wide retreat

1990-92                         Pratt Institute Budget Advisory Panel

Committee Chair responsible for the collection of data and the drafting and publication of the panel’s annual report

Dec’89- May’90             School of Architecture Dean Search Committee


Professional Experience

1980 - Present               Dan Bucsescu Architects in private practice

Please visit www.bucsescu.com

Recent Projects Projects

2011                             Architectural Competition in collaboration with Peter Bugod
                                    and Eunice Figuerido                              
                                    Rosh Pina Museum and Visitor Center

2005-07                        Browning Residence, Little Compton, RI

2002-3                          Addition to Kirby Residence, Millbrook, NY